Founded in 2019, Gravestone Productions seeks to provide entertaining and narrative driven scripted and unscripted audio content perfect for passing time during your daily commute, running errands, and even long road-trips. Gravestone Productions kicked off their storytelling journey with The Shadow Over California (2019-2020), and continues its tradition of commitment to high quality audio production and engaging stories with The Epikast (2022) and The Kestrel Files (2022).

Scott Graves

Founder, Producer (Epikast, Kestrel Files, SOCpod)

Ever since he can remember, Scott has had the storytelling bug. He could never get away from the story whether that meant experiencing it as an avid young reader, to watching and learning from films and television, playing video game rpgs, to the day he discovered D&D and podcasts. On a technical level, Gravestone Productions was founded sometime around 2013 when Scott began making stop motion videos with legos using his dad's old DSLR camera. Officially, it began in 2019 when he and several of his college friends began releasing the Shadow Over California. Since then, he has continued to find ways to bring his storytelling to the world of podcasting. When not creating stories for Gravestone Productions, Scott works freelance production in the film industry, and as a producer/narrator of audiobooks.

Nick Meyer

Producer (Epikast), Epikast (Vesuvius), SOCpod (David, Cecil)

Ever since he can remember, Nick has not had the storytelling bug, since he got the vaccine as a kid. However, he has tried to contract the virus several times willingly since he is a hardcore antivaxxer and is mad at his parents for getting him the vaccine. It has worked to some extent with periods of persuading Scott that we should do another podcast, desperately trying to get his DnD fix from his friends no matter the time or day, to sucking up any rpg or movie series with continued character development. Currently, Nick lives in an undisclosed location with his loving wife and cute puppy.

Jessica Simons

Epikast (Kisea)

Jessica is an LA based actor, writer, and professional nerd. Some of her projects include acting as Kelly in the web series Minute Mate, working as an author on the book ‘Something More Substantial:’ Moving Beyond Romance with Jane Austen, and voicing Kisèa in season one of the Epikast, which you should go listen to! Some of her hobbies include making (mostly) delicious baked goods, trying new teas, and hunting down new books. 

Fun Facts: Loves plants but cannot keep them alive, and has pissed off every single dragon she has ever encountered in D&D.

Justus Milhon

Web Designer, Epikast (Erymnos)

Justus has no storytelling bug or background in entertainment, having earned a degree in theology instead, but is very much in love with the worlds and adventures he and his friends create together. With a cumulative 6 years of tabletop RPG experience across multiple systems (though admittedly mostly fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons) Justus is the type of person who reads the official rulebooks for fun, having designed multiple unique settings, monsters, and player options more out of curiosity than necessity. He currently works as a barista and freelance photographer/drone pilot, and spends any non-tabletop devoted free time reading old books, watching anime, and caring for his lizard child, Oscar.

Fun Facts: Loves plants (and can keep them alive), and has studied written Koine Greek, useful on the Epikast!

Sarah Heaton

Epikast (Anthea)

Sarah is very new to the hobby of tabletop roleplaying games but is not so new to the world of entertainment. Growing up attending extracurricular theater programs, Sarah is well rounded in acting, stage management, and all things stage production. Though new to the hobby of tabletop gaming, Sarah is no stranger to fantasy and nerddom and is an avid fan of Stranger Things, the Harry Potter series, Marvel (in general) and more recently The Lord of the Rings trilogy after being forced to watch all of the extended editions while in COVID-19 quarantine with her boyfriend.