The Epikast

Season 1: Curse of Thyryma

Status: Airing

Level of Play: 3rd-6th

Crew: Scott Graves (DM), Nick Meyer, Jessica Simons, Justus Milhon, Sarah Heaton

When the city of Thyryma is again beset by poor harvests, King Adrestas asks four heroes to deliver an offering to the goddess of agriculture Ylphine, but their journey is a lot less safe than he could have ever predicted.


Gorgon Cleric, Life Domain – Played by Jessica Simons

The only home Kisèa has ever known is the Aster Meadows Orphanage and the streets of Thyryma. The Aster Meadows was little more than a place to sleep at the time, so Kisèa spent her childhood doing odd jobs all across the city to earn herself and the youngest of the orphanage their next meals. Of these jobs, Kisèa enjoyed hunting medicinal herbs for a local apothecary most, eventually apprenticing with the grumpy old woman. During these days, Kisèa developed a stubbornly “glass half full” outlook on life, enjoying all the small beauties and joys of the world despite having very little, and this attitude carried her into adulthood. At twenty, Kisèa took over the day-to-day affairs of the Aster Meadows from its aging owner. Using the skills she learned from a lifetime of odd jobs, she built gardens to ensure everyone had plenty to eat, set up apprenticeships with the tradesmen of Thyryma for the older children, and even found a schoolteacher for the younger ones. She sees the children of the Aster Meadows as family, and has worked ever since to ensure that it is a place they can call home


Human Ranger, Hunter Conclave – Played by Justus Milhon

Erymnos is a hunter if nothing else. A devout follower of Ziana, hunter goddess of the wilderness, he has lived the majority of his life willfully disconnected from civilization, living and hunting in the wilderness west of Thyryma among a commune of Ziana’s followers. Such a life has made him greatly confident in his own skills as a hunter, rarely failing to follow his quarry and successfully driving beasts and monsters from his own forest. Erymnos’ lifestyle and long-term disconnection from society has made him disdainful towards traditional civilization, as well as extremely protective of any wilderness yet unfettered by its expansion. He has not allowed himself to become fully callous, however, and continues to ensure the safety of neighboring settlements should a dangerous foe escape. Extended periods of time indoors still make him uncomfortable though, and he limits his time where he can. Erymnos can very often be cagey and abrasive towards others, though he is more often disinterested or preoccupied than intentionally aggressive.


Demigod Sorcerer, Divine Soul Origin – Played by Sarah Heaton

Anthea grew up in the Epenian woods just east of Thyryma, with her father. A demigod of the wild goddess Ziana, Anthea never met her mother, but learned the ways of the forest from her father. Her Father taught her to hunt, fish, forage, and live off the land in a respectful manner. While Anthea’s social skills may be low due to her isolated upbringing, her devotion to those who show her kindness is unmatched. After her father’s passing, Anthea continued to live in her ancestral home. That is until some creature began stealing food and supplies from her camp and unable to gain Ziana’s aid, Anthea must set off to seek help in Thyryma.


Demigod Illrigger, Painkiller Contract – Played by Nick Meyer

Vesuvius is a striking (no pun intended) demigod from Nishval. He is the son of the Lord of Nishval, Zehrate, who while never that great of a father, even Vesuvius has to admit is a very effective ruler. Vesuvius was trained by the archdemon Utavisnu, the ruler of Timoría, the layer of Nishval reserved for the worst criminals. Utavisnu was a very good trainer and mentor for Vesuvius, and from them did he receive some of the respect and care that he has been striving to earn ever since he can remember. Vesuvius has only recently been allowed to go to the surface to capture escaped souls after years of training, and he is ready and raring to go. It is freedom like he never experienced to be up on the surface world, and he likes the feeling that he isn’t in his father’s domain anymore (although, he is still very closely scrutinized, whether he thinks about it or not.) His hair is ashen gray, he bears the symbol of Nishval with him on his armor, and carries a terrifying sword, but despite that and his upbringing, he has a surprising amount of joviality and excitement.